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Times are Uncertain...Questions Need to be Answered...

Decisions Need to be Made.

Strategies Need to be Assessed and Refined.

Operations Need to be Tightened and Fundraising

Successes Realized Faster.

Need Strategic Guidance but Have to Cut Expenditures
and Have Limited Resources?

Anderson Consults is committed to providing cost-effective
solutions to help organizations, like yours, answer these
critical questions that lead to greater fundraising success.

You will be coached by our President and CEO, Chandra Y.
Anderson, who has raised nearly $1 Billion in her 20-year
career as a Development professional for large and small
non-profit organizations. Under Ms. Anderson's leadership as Chief Development Officer, all organizations were experiencing tremendous change but achieved stellar results.

You can retain our services for an affordable rate so that
we are there when you need us for advice and counsel.
We can provide you with good examples of solutions without having you pay expensive consulting fees. By focusing on systems and data driven solutions instead of personalities we can help you:

  • Set realistic, but aggressive goals

  • Develop winning fundraising strategies

  • Speak the language of the Board of Directors

  • Understand if your fundraising is on track before it is too late

  • Prepare budgets.....and much more

  • Understand your next steps for growth

  • Articulate plans and goals

  • Develop job descriptions and
    expectations for fundraisers

  • Improve cross-functional integration


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